Marine Dolphin Tour

Board the Island Explorer for a 3-hour marine adventure with an ECO certified licensed tour operator. Discover remote beaches, ancient fossil beds, and a host of ocean creatures. If conditions allow guests will have the opportunity to swim with the majestic and curious dolphins that inhabit the waters around Kangaroo Island.

Private Fishing Charter

Kangaroo Island is home to a variety of fish including Whiting, Garfish, Trevally, Snapper and Sweep.  The half or full day fishing charter can be tailored to your personal requirements, and includes access to a modern 13 metre vessel.  There are a number of good fishing spots around the island including Eastern Cove and American River.

Little Sahara  

Little Sahara is a naturally occurring sand dune system that covers two square kilometres, and is designated a national heritage area.  The dunes vary in size, with the largest peak 70 metres above sea level.  Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action offer visitors the chance to sand board or toboggan down the dunes.



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What a truly amazing experience. The start of the race with the Didgeridoo was great and very uplifting. Even with the wind and rain, running down to the remarkable rocks will be something I will remember for a long time. You have something special here.  

David Turnbull