Does the event include a 5km, 10km, or half marathon option?

We currently offer a half marathon option. Unfortunately there is not a 5km or 10km option available to runners.

Where can I collect my registration number?

Registration numbers will be available for collection from 6am on the morning of the race outside the visitors centre cafe doors. 

What time does the race start?

The full marathon start time is 7:00am and the half marathon start time is 8:00am. The bus that transports runners to the start of the half marathon will depart the visitors centre at 7:45am sharp.  The cut-off time is 7 hours.  

What time will the bus pick me up and drop me off?

A shuttle bus service will operate between Flinders Chase National Park entrance and the start/finish line from 6:30am to 7:45am. Runners can park their vehicles on the road verge of West End Highway and wait next to the park entrance sign for a bus. From 8:00am your family and friends can access the park by vehicle and drive to the visitors centre car park and cafe where they can watch runners finish both the half and full marathon.  

For those of you who are staying in accommodation across the island we offer a bus service with scheduled stops as follows:     

  • 5:00am Mercure Hotel, American River
  • 5:10am Kangaroo Island Airport
  • 5:45am Vivonne Bay, General Store
  • 6:15am KI Wilderness Retreat 
  • 6:30am Flinders Chase National Park (next to the brick wall sign)

Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time.  

Buses will depart on the return leg from 12:00noon after the official race presentations have been completed.  

Where can I find toilets?

There are public toilets located at the Flinders Chase National Park visitors centre, these can be used by runners and spectators.  During the race runners will be able to access toilets in both directions on the course route located conveniently at the Remarkable Rocks and the Cape de Couedic Lighthouse.  

What food and drinks are available to runners during the race?

4 aid stations will be located at regular intervals accessible in both directions and providing runners with water, electrolytes, bananas and lollies.  

How challenging is the race route?

The race route has a total elevation gain of 632m and a maximum elevation gain of 154m. The half marathon starts at Bunker Hill Lookout and the marathon race starts at the visitors centre.  The route travels south along Cape de Couedic Road offering runners consistent elevation changes on primarily sealed roads, with a flat 3km trail section that travels into Snake Lagoon. Diverting east via Boxer Drive, marathon runners are exposed to the elements on a breath-taking clifftop section that leads to the iconic Remarkable Rocks. Travel down the zig-zag boardwalk to the Remarkable Rocks stopping for a 'selfie' photo. Runners enjoy some respite as they travel downhill towards the coastal tip including a detour into Weirs Cove before passing by Cape de Couedic Lighthouse.  All runners loop around the car park at the entrance to Admirals Arch, before being tested by a short climb that peaks at 4% incline. The finish line for both the half and full marathon is located directly in front of the Flinders Chase National Park visitors centre cafe.   

What weather conditions can I expect on Kangaroo Island?

Kangaroo Island weather is best defined as 'four seasons in one day'.  Average temperatures in September range between 16°C and 21°C. 

Average Annual Temperature: 11.6°C – 19.1°C

Days over 30 °C: 10.3

Days under 2 °C: 0.3

Annual Rainfall: 485.1 mm

What is the cancellation policy for the Kangaroo Island Marathon?

The decision to cancel the Kangaroo Island Marathon will be made by the Race Director in consultation with the DEWNR Regional Duty Officer.  The cancellation policy makes reference to inclement weather conditions, including air temperatures below 2°C or above 35°C and wind speeds in excess of 100km/hour.      

Can I bring my children?

Yes, many of the day tour activities are suitable for children.  The event risk management plan includes an age policy based on the following restrictions:

Half Marathon 15 years+

Full Marathon 18 years+ 


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I've run 72 marathons and this is one of my favourites. Everything exceeded my expectations - the quality of the medals, the gift bags, the signage at the start finish line, using a drone to video runners, enthusiastic volunteers and very well stocked aid stations - it was all top notch. You put on a world-class race, so thank you.

Brian Johnson