The Kangaroo Island Marathon® brand is owned by 1908 Management Group Pty Ltd trading as 1908 Sports Management. Our vision is to be a leader in the adventure tourism industry by raising the profile of the Kangaroo Island Marathon® as one of the Top 10 Destination Marathons in the World.   

The Kangaroo Island Marathon® event was founded in 2015 by Race Director Nate Godfrey, and is operated in partnership with key stakeholders including the South Australian Tourism Commission and the Department of Environment & Water who have granted a long term event license to access Flinders Chase National Park.  


In 1800 the British Government commissioned Captain Matthew Flinders to explore and map the southern coastline of Terra Australis in HMS Investigator. Flinders made the first recorded European sighting of the island in March 1802.
 He came ashore on the north coast and named Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo island is Australia’s third largest island, with a population of 4500 people and a coastline totalling 480km. The island is a bio-diverse hotspot; organic GMA free produce, rare flora and fauna, and unspoiled picturesque landscapes. Kangaroo Island is surrounded by five marine sanctuaries and one third of the land is designated as national parks, helping to position Kangaroo Island as a 'must see' tourist destination. 

I've run 15 marathons but this one was a standout for so many reasons. The scenery, the physically and mentally challenging course, the wildlife, the friendly organisers, and the runners from around the world. If you’re looking for a boutique marathon experience, KI is the one for you. 

Annie Robson